Estate Emulsion

Bedroom in Green Blue
Bedroom in Green Blue No.84 & All White No.2005 | Estate Emulsion

Estate Emulsion creates the coveted signature chalky matt finish and is suitable for interior walls and ceilings throughout the home.


  • Signature, chalky matt finish
  • Unmatched depth of colour
  • Wipeable
  • Eco friendly, low VOC content
  • Waterbased and low odour
  • Child and pet safe
  • Quick drying
  • Available in all 132 colours


From sophisticated neutrals to bright and bold shades, choose complementary colours with the same tonal weight to create a natural flow throughout your home.

Dining room in Down Pipe Dining Room in Down Pipe No.26 | Estate Emulsion
Lounge with walls in Incarnadine Lounge walls in Incarnadine No.248 | Estate Emulsion
Study in Purbeck Stone Study in Purbeck Stone No.275 | Estate Emulsion


Use Interior walls and ceilings Tin Sizes Available Coverage m2 per tin size
Colours available 132 100ml 1
Sheen level 2% 2.5 litres 35
Drying time Dry in 2 hours. Hard overnight 5.0 litres 70
Recoat time 2 hours    


Click on the PDF image below to view and print the advice sheet for Estate Emulsion

All Farrow & Ball paints are eco-friendly with low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and are water based giving them a low odour and quick drying time which benefits both you and the environment.